Set off on the journey.

We finally set off on the the trip up to Silenius' old farm. It was me, Daedalos and as luck would have it, those two idiots, Frioc and Medrod. We left without any of the fanfare that accompanied my last trip to the north with Junia, just scrabbled off into the early morning gloom..

I say nobody, but actually our old cook bustled out to see us all off. Despite the fact she had been very 'off' with me since my return, she still shoved a little parcel in my to my hand of stuff she had scrounged from the kitchen.

"Here you go Ant." she said, "and mind you don't get into a load of trouble like last time."

"I won't, we're just going to sort out the farm"

"You were just going to mind the horses last time and look what happened! You should have taken more notice of me, maybe I'm not just such a stupid old woman."

"I know, but ..."

"But nothing, only bad things happen up north. Another thing Ant, don't go quarreling with them two. Master Daedalos don't know you yet, so he hasn't had time to make up his own bad impression of you yet, so try not to get in his bad books yet."

"I never try ..."

"No, but you nearly always succeed. Now be off with you, her lasyship is watching us."

I looked around and I was surprised to see Livia looking at me. She isn't one for being up in the morning for the best of reasons and to see us four off wouldn't normally make anybody's list.Livia gave me her most dazzling smile before turning away, but I managed not to fall off the mule, who had also been spooked by it. She must have been trying to be pleasant but it would certainly scare a few sheep. She beckoned  to Daedalos and they huddled over together and I thought I saw him glance over at me once. My paranoia soon eased as he walked over and gave me a  wide smile.

"I hear you are the horse gifted one as well as the expert on the north" he said, flashing his teeth.

"Yes, suppose so."

"Suppose so? You should shout out your talents young man, don't hide them. Our mistress has told me all about your skills." he said, giving me a cheerful slap across the back.

I watched him head off and thought that he seemed a bit over friendly and I just hope he doesn't have the same misconception about my penchants that Livia and Junia seemed to have about me. I have heard about what some of these secretaries get up to from old Badger. 

Five minutes later and that bloody hare shot across my path again. I'll have to remember to visit it when I come back.

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