I got called down to the villa to see the new secretary. As you can imagine I was pretty on edge with my master being away and Livia top dog and I've can the lies that have been told about me by some of the people around here. I must say that I was surprised by him. I'd never really talked to him before but I was quite impressed. He seems an O'k sort of bloke despite the disturbing green tinge around the edge of his smile.

"Ant," Daedalos said, "I need to go and have a look at Silenus' farm and get everything in order. The mistress says that it has to be done as soon as possible, so I'll need to get started as soon as possible. I thought you'd be ideal to come along with me as I can you're smart and you're one of the few people around here who know the place. On top of that, your recent actions show that you are someone who can be relied upon, whatever any one else around here says."

I think things are really looking up at last. Not only am I getting away from that old bat Livia but at last there's someone around here who actually appreciates my finer points!

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